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Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd. 安拓實業股份有限公司

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For more than 30 years since 1986, Anchor has been dedicated in manufacturing high quality fasteners for the Construction, Automotive and Electronic industries. Constantly improving our research and cold forging technologies, Anchor has been able to provide manufactures and distributors excellent products for their clients’ every need.

Our line of products include various concrete anchors, rivet nuts, clinching fasteners, lock bolts, interlock rivets and custom fasteners per customer design specifications using steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Anchor’s commitment to product development, engineering, consistent high quality and delivery is how we have been able to provide our products and services to customers around the world.

Factory Motto
Service: We persist in CRM with stable quality and advanced technology to meet customer demands.
Work esteem: Take "The factory is my family" as work attitude and implement "humanism management" See company achievements as own, and throw into work with cordial attitude and create "profit share" achievement.
Innovation: We commit ourselves to R&D, and innovation and bypass status with active attitude and agitated mind, expecting to lead in the world.
Efficiency: Pay close attention to rate and efficiency;
pursue scientific management and means to reach maximum availability wiht mix. time and cost.
Management Concept
  For the purpose of permanent management, Anchor applies itself to creating profits so as to repay the customers and society.
  We regard quality as the life of an enterprise, so how to make satisfied and reliable products for customers is our duty.
  Facing the 21 century competition and challenge, we will pursue the latest technique and breakthroughs of cold forging products by unceasing endeavors.
  We become the main manufacturer of global supply chain with excellent technology. manufacturing capacity and SCM, and are called as "mall giant of world screw".

Company Archive
Company Name: Anchor Fasteners Industrial Co., Ltd. 安拓實業股份有限公司 Company Type: Manufacturer ()
Area: Taiwan/Kaohsiung City Company Size: 101-500People
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1986
Security deposit: Already 0.00 USD
Business Scope: Bolts/Nuts | Quick Releases | Pegs
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